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Colorado is one of the most industrially advanced states of United States of America. This state is named after the mighty Colorado River and the state is one of the famous tourist spot also. Various lakes, rivers and reservoirs of this state are rich in different species of aquatic life. As a result, the state has become a favorite spot for people who are fishing savvy. If you are new to fishing, then enroll yourself in any of the recognized fishing training Institutes of Colorado. You find several fishing training institutes all over this state.

One of the unique fishing techniques adopted in this state if fly fishing. This is considered to be a versatile style of fish catching. Of course, this is a different kind of fishing as compared to the conventional fishing technique. In the first place, an exclusively designed fly rod is used for catching the fish. The fly rod is highly flexible and weighs almost half the weight of the conventional fly rod. The reel seat is also exclusively designed which is very easy to operate. An artificial fly is attached to the butt. Although the operation of the fishing rod is quite simple; it requires sufficient training. If you are new to the fishing, then as already suggested, you may have to undergo training in any of the recognized fishing training institutes of Colorado. If you are experienced in catching fish, then few hours of training should be sufficient to master the art of fly fishing procedures.

Fly fishing has become popular because of certain advantages that come along with this type of fishing. As already said the flying rod is super lightweight. As a result, you can put the cast to longer distance and direct the cast accurately to the desired direction.

Advantages: In the conventional spin fishing technique when the cast splashes on the water it creates some noise. As a result of the noise fishes move out and thereby you would miss the target. But, the fly fishing technique is such that it does not make much noise. This enables you to direct the cast right at the fish and you can certainly lure the fish to the bait.

The bait or lures used in fly fishing is considerably cheaper as compared to those used in conventional fishing technique. The bait used in fly fishing cost around $1 as against $3 to $4 dollars used in conventional fishing.

Disadvantages: The fly fishing requires considerable amount of open space. You cannot use the fly fishing underneath a tree. This is because there are several instances that the bait generally get entangled with the branches of the tree and it will hinder your fishing process.

Fly fishing requires adequate training. You should throw the bait in a particular angle as otherwise the bait may fail to reach the target. Therefore you must undergo sufficient training so as to master the skill of throwing the bait in the required angle. Remember, you will have to shell out some amount of money on training.

The fly fishing rod and other accessories are considerably expensive as compared to the conventional fishing rods.

Fishing season: Colorado is one of the places where you find several rivers and reservoirs that are considered to be ideal for fly fishing. Some of the popular fishing points of Colorado are Blue Mesa Reservoir, Upper Arkansas River, Gunnison reservoir, Animas Reservoir and Trappers Lake. Of course, apart from there are several other lakes and streams that are also considered to be the ideal fishing spots. Interestingly, some of the rivers of Colorado are situated at high altitude. For example, Upper Arkansas River is located at an altitude of about 5000 feet from the sea level. Such high altitude rivers have some of the rare species of fishes. Some of the popular varieties of fishes found in various lakes and reservoirs of Colorado are Rainbow trout, brook trout, Solomon, cutthroat and white fish.

The ideal season for fishing in Colorado Rivers is from June to September. You must also ensure that you have valid fishing license. In the absence of fishing license you would not be allowed to fish in any part of Colorado.